Review: The Girl Before


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Since the book hasn’t been released yet, this will be a spoiler-free review. Full review to follow.

Ron Howard has already optioned the film rights and it’s easy to see why. TGB is a sharp psychological thriller about obsession, control, and trauma in a fresh, new setting. While I wasn’t quite enamored with the conclusion of the book, I for the most part loved the story.

The main characters of Jane and Emma were interesting and fleshed out and complex- no stereotypes here! The book and its complex characters kept me guessing, and even though I figured out the mystery, it didn’t put a damper on my enjoyment of the story. The chapters were short, interesting and kept me engaged.

One big complaint for me would be the title. There’s already a book called The Girl Before, and with Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, the “girl” tag for grown women is odd and frankly, getting kind of old.

I immensely enjoyed The Girl Before. It was well-written and engrossing, with fascinating characters. By the way, Jane has Emily Blunt written all over her!

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