Review: Carousel Court


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I received an epub edition of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Carousel Court is a contemporary Revolutionary Road, a bleak, depressing tale about Nick and Phoebe, a couple on the edge of implosion during the recession. As a big fan of McGinniss and his debut novel The Delivery Man, I was excited to get my hands on this one.

Mr. McGinniss’ prose remains distinctive and strong, his writing is what actually kept me reading, as was the case with his first.

I cannot exactly say I enjoyed the book, for its darkness was overwhelming at times. However, it’s not a negative attribute of the book. I found the novel engrossing and very well-written, but I found myself having to put it down because of how emotionally draining it was.

On the flip side, the novel’s only redeeming and likeable character seemed to be Nick and Phoebe’s son. Every single character was unlikeable and pathetic to the point of finding myself getting severely annoyed. While I love dark characters, Carousel Court pushed my tolerance, and it is a testament to McGinniss’ skill and talent that I was able to keep reading. The novel also felt overly long and dragged in a couple of places.

I loved The Delivery Man, however, I didn’t love Carousel Court. With that said, it was still a solid novel and I will eagerly read the next work McGinniss puts out.

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