For this prompt:

Every day, the Raven visits the dove. She wiggles her finger at the dove, smiles at the dove, whistles her song to the dove. She even feeds the dove, opens a window for the dove, lets sunlight hit the dove.

The dove is her possession.

The dove used to walk on two limbs, now he walks on four. The dove wouldn’t stop trying to escape, so she made sure he needed four instead of two. He won’t escape again.

The dove used to be able to pace his cage, but he tried to escape. So he must crouch, his fingers trailing the ground.

The dove refused to eat the bread, so now he must settle for seeds.

The doveDaniel kept squawking and squawking, so the RavenRachel put something special in his water. And she removed his squawking box when he fell unconscious in his tiny cage.

DoveDaniel used to smile and laugh and mock and threaten and abuse. Now he cries when he remembers emotions.

Daniel pecked The Raven’s blood. So The RavenRachel had to peck back.

Rachel told Daniel not to peck her. And so now Rachel’s cage was Daniel’s.